Christine Bosch (M.Sc. Psych.)
Research Assistant

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Refereed Journal Papers



Michel, A., Bosch, C., & Rexroth, M. (2014). Mindfulness as a cognitive–emotional segmentation strategy: An intervention promoting work–life balance. Journal Of Occupational And Organizational Psychology, 87, 733-754. doi:10.1111/joop.12072



Conference Presentations



Bosch, C., Sonnentag, S., & Pinck, A. (2016, April). What makes for a good break?_Effects of recovery experiences during lunch break on afternoon exhaustion and work engagement. Paper presented at the 12th conference of the European Academy of Organizational Health Psychology, Athens, Greece.

Bosch, C., Michel, A., & Rexroth, M. (2013, July). Mindfulness as a Cognitive-Emotional Segmentation Strategy: Evaluation of an Intervention Promoting Work-Life Balance. Paper presented at the EAWOP Small Group Meeting "Resource-oriented interventions at work: Designing and evaluating interventions to promote well-being and performance" Heidelberg, Germany.